• Lessons learned in Black Saturday Bushfires

    A document listing the lessons learned by communities during the recovery after Black Saturday
  • List of Contact Numbers

    ICC Bairnsdale 5152 0400 ICC Orbost 51611222 Andrew Brick (Red Cross Orbost) 0418 812 101
  • List of locals whose homes have been destroyed

    In order to save time please just add to this description. Brook Robinson, John Minehan, Blacky,
  • Mallacoota LIMP Plan

    A Local Incident Management Plan (LIMP) is a simple document developed by communities to ensure residents and visitors know where to go, what to take and what to expect if a major incident affects the area. LIMPs are issued to all households and displayed in all lodgings within a district and reviewed each year, to ensure the details are accurate and timely.