Community Update 24/01/20

posted 6 months ago by Trigger from Mallacoota RSL
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Mallacoota Community Update

First of all I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to Mallacoota’s recovery so far. Amazingly long hours have been spent phoning companies, securing donations, and trying to arrange transportation. With the roads opening the last issue of access will disappear and with it tourists will be able to return to collect the many vehicles, boats, caravans, and campers.

What is happening now is that donations are arriving far faster than we have storage capacity and volunteers to help sort, itemise and sign off when people collect donated goods. This is vitally important in order to remain transparent. If people just help themselves either as personal needs or collecting for others and distribute without listing who gets what then transparency disappears.

So we are asking everyone who might be thinking of organising more donations to please stop. We need a breather until we work out what we need, where we are going to store it, and how we are going to distribute it.

If you want to get people to donate then please get them to donate Kmart Gift Cards. That way we can give them to people so they can choose what they spend the money on.

Mallacoota Recovers (MR) was designed as a community resource for use by the whole community. Most of Mallacoota’s associations and organisations are now using it. Just to be clear MR has never nor will ever be an “official” website. The mere term official is difficult to define. Official for who? The shire? The community? Victoria? The fact is that there are NO “official” recovery site for communities in Victoria (unless other communities are using their own recovers platform) and most likely there never will be. Especially one which coordinates organisations as easily and transparently as MR does. To be just a clear I am not in charge of MR either. Every organisation on it has full admin access and can post community updates, contact volunteers, those that require assistance, and donors. What I am doing is teaching everyone how to use it and mentoring those associations that are using it.

None of the Admins using it (myself included) are experts either. I’m sure we will make mistakes, forget things, and mix things up. But all of us are doing the best we can by working our arses off to help Mallacoota.

It is not perfect but we are so far ahead of virtually every other community that did not have a system in place before it was needed. So if anyone can help us please sign up either as a volunteer, donor, or if you have a need please ask on the website.

The Recovers Team is also now looking at expanding to include Cann River. Mallacoota got an extraordinary amount of publicity which has found us in the current position of too many donations. So if we can redirect, or transport some of them to Cann River we will do so and help out our neighbours.

On to more good stuff and I can confirm that Leocata’s Transport from Shepparton has offered to provide logistics for Mallacoota in the future. This means when people require fencing materials, building materials, and other goods when rebuilding, then Leocata’s will assist. This is an incredible offer and they are a credit to the transport industry.

Also we need to think about setting up a one-stop-shop in town that people in town can come to find out information about the recovery, from an official shire perspective, the state perspective and also the community perspective. Ideally, the new community centre at the back of 3MGB would be perfect but needs to be completed beforehand. The Recovers team is currently sourcing other venues such as the vacant office between the Bendigo bank and Laundromat for short term use and is exploring funding options for rental. The Main Hall and the Mallacoota Service Centre should be able to get back to business as fast as possible. We will work with the shire to help as best we can.


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