Mallacoota Community Update 26/01/20

posted 8 months ago by Trigger from Mallacoota RSL
This update is over 30 days old.

We now have so many donations that we need to inventory them before we can distribute them. That way we can work out what we have and who it can go to. This means that we will have to pause giving out donations until we do this which hopefully won’t be too long. That way we can start to look at requesting future donations in a more strategic manner by targeting what we need and not doubling up on things we don’t. Don at the main hall will be able to assist anyone who needs food or clothing in the meantime.

Mark Rogers took a trailer load of horse and pet feed as well as baby formula down to Cann River from the semi organised by Gail Dobbins.

Cann River are looking at transitioning shortly from the community recovery centre at the hall to the Cann River Community Centre. Any leftover donations will go into the food bank there.

Karina Stone has dropped off a semi of donations which are being stored as we sort out where they will go. Wildlife food will be going to Sue Johns, an electric cargo bike for Don, and reptile cages to Bryce Watts-Parker among them.

8 Mates Freight have also delivered today. They have gone above and beyond for Mallacoota. A donation of school backpacks was delivered to the Mallacoota P12 College and we have extras which we will donate to the Cann River School.

We have now virtually completed the transport of known donations to Mallacoota. We have one small load to bring up from Lakes Entrance and another larger load to transfer from Cann River to Mallacoota.

I’m sure there will be more in the future, especially hay, but for the moment we are clear. We are unbelievably grateful to all the people who have organised these and at the same time very thankful for a bit of a break. I think everyone needs it.

Mondays edition of Woman’s Day is featuring Mallacoota under their rebuilding towns segment. It is the largest distributed magazine in Australia with almost half of Australia’s population reading it. The article will focus on several projects to help the town recover.

Mariska and Gail are doing amazing work with fundraising both interstate and internationally. Everything from concerts in America to fundraising dinners in Sydney. I will list all of them in another post soon.

The Highway from Cann River to Genoa is still being cleared and the Drummer is still causing issues. Most of the safety barriers have gone and the road is damaged to the point where it will need a fair bit of repair. It is unconfirmed but I believe that while the skidders, harvesters, excavators and workers are here that the opportunity of clearing a safer corridor along the highway is happening. Darren Chester commented on such in a recent post and I for one believe that this is the perfect time to do it. I’m certain that no one wants to have a repeat of the road being closed for so long ever again, and if it means waiting a few more days before it opens then so be it. It will certainly be preferable to ongoing roadworks over several years.


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