Mallacoota Community Update 28/01/20

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At present, Mallacoota Recovers is talking to Cann River to see about how we can best help them. The good news is that Cann River Recovers is now up and running. The same software that Mallacoota is using has now been set up for Cann River. Everyone in the Cann Valley area can sign up for help, donate and volunteer the same as Mallacoota. Check them out at I have been contacted by Paul Steinfort, a community disaster recovery workshop facilitator. Paul has been a facilitator for multiple disasters starting in 1974 with Cyclone Tracy. He has worked with Ash Wednesday and Black Saturday survivors as well as international disasters like the Boxing Day Tsunami where he helped Banda Ache. Paul is willing to come to Mallacoota and run workshops when the road opens. It will be a great opportunity for our local organisations, businesses and individuals to ask questions and learn from his experience. Mallacoota is in the process of planning for a community recovery committee that can apply for government grants to help with the town rebuilding. We have always been an independent, resilient and diverse community. The possibility that there may be more than one committee formed is a sign of intensely passionate locals wanting to assist in anyway they can. After disasters, it is common for more than one committee to form, and the truth is long-term recovery efforts are much more complex than any single entity can manage. This is fine provided that any and all committees work with each other. It’s no use having three separate committees vying for the same government grant. No matter how many committees we wind up having there needs to be a process in place that allows all of them to communicate with each other in a collective effort. Due to road access difficulty we have not yet been able to fully transition into the recovery stage. This means that a lot of the services, coordinated through the East Gippsland Shire Council, have not been able to swing into action. Services such as: removing asbestos and other dangerous items including burnt gas cylinders and toxic chemicals; removing debris (contracted by Grocon at a state level) but considerations such as where it will be removed and disposed of, need to be planned; clearing fence lines and working with Blaze Aid (where will 200 volunteers stay, who needs them, how will fencing supplies be sourced, paid for, delivered, etc). These are just a few examples of the complexities involving recovery. Now expand that to almost every town between Bairnsdale and the border and we get to understand a little of just how immense this task is. So my advice to the hundreds of locals helping Mallacoota recover is this: after a month of working your butts off, you need to take a break. Have a rest, or a mental health day, or whatever you want to call it because it's important. Take some time to walk along the beach, have a meal with friends, treat yourself to breakfast in bed. The town will still be here when you come back refreshed, and recharged.


  • Good on you Mallacoota. In northern NSW, Bowraville is also now up and running at so we'll be keen to confer and collaborate in the weeks and months ahead. Community based recovery teams across Australia will benefit from early movers and sharing lessons learnt, as they work out how best to get back onto their feet and heal.

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