Mallacoota Community Update 30/05/20

posted over 1 year ago by Trigger from Mallacoota RSL
This update is over 30 days old.

There is nothing like a drive over Mt Hotham with 10-metre visibility, a wet road, and snow on the ground to make to concentrate. Especially towing a trailer.

Yes, Mallacoota now has a 6x4 community trailer with new lights, ropes, tow light adapters and even tie-down straps. Anyone in town who needs it is welcome to borrow. Just remember that is you stack it up so that your numberplate cant be seen from the back, you will need to texta your rego on the back of the trailer. It is stored at my place at the moment so if you are going to borrow it, give me a call so if someone else calls to borrow it I’ll know where it is. Our heartfelt thanks go out to the Balwyn Rotary Club for their donation.

Along with the trailer are over 100 handmade quilts made by “Quilts of Love”. The ladies have asked that they go to local Mallacoota residents that have been affected by the fires. These quilts are amazing and I’m sure they will go fast so please come up and choose one. It would be great if you could then email maybe with a picture thanking them for their hard work.

There are still about half a dozen bikes available including a couple of kids bikes, so please grab one before they are all gone.

The RSL’s firepit is now safely stored at Mallacoota. The one thing that struck me was its size. As a free-standing pit it is almost 5 feet tall. Two people can carry it without much trouble though and it will make an amazing addition to the dawn service, and possibly be used for other community events.

The Recovery Association has had its second meeting via zoom and our next one will be face to face. At the moment we are finding our way and getting our heads around the enormous task ahead. Once we elect an executive and incorporate things will start to move along. The one thing everyone agrees upon is that every decision we make will be after community consultation and being open and transparent is the number one priority.


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