Mallacoota Community Update 28/08/20

posted about 1 year ago by Trigger from Mallacoota RSL
This update is over 30 days old.

As we hunker down with the fire lit and adapt as best we can to our second lockdown after the summer bushfires it is easy to pick up your phone and see what is happening locally on social media (mainly facebook). You see a post that you don’t agree with and read the comments below. Suddenly, you're angry and feel the need to comment as well. It’s far easier to tap a few buttons to comment in the comfort of your own home where if you were at a public meeting you probably wouldn’t put your hand up to say something. Suddenly, the post goes viral. Anger, hurt, indignation, and resentment, cascade in the comments. This happens all the time. Remember Cecil the Lion? There is a name for this, it's called emotional contagion.

Emotional contagion is the phenomenon that individuals tend to express and feel emotions that are similar to those of others. When someone tells you with a big smile that she passed an important test, you smile as well. If, on the other hand, your friend tells you his father passed away last week, you feel depressed, not so much because of the recollection of your friend’s father, whom you don’t know, but mainly because your friend is so sad. In other words, you do not only observe your friend’s emotions, but they also affect your own emotional expressions and emotional state. Thus, emotional contagion is a form of social influence.

Negative emotional contagion can lead to suicide. How many young teenagers bullied on social media have taken their own life? Positive emotional contagion on the other hand makes us all feel good, which I’m sure everyone in Mallacoota would like to feel. So, my point is let’s all try to be positive, especially when posting on Facebook. We are all doing our best to keep the COVID-19 contagion out of Mallacoota, let’s all try to keep the emotional one from spreading as well.

Lots has been happening with Recovers lately. First off we have had a delivery of quilts and beanies from the Western Australian Baptist Church ladies who went through the tragic bushfires in January 2016 which destroyed 160 homes. If you collect a quilt or beanie please email a thank you to If any are still available in a few weeks I will give them to the Mallacoota Sewing Group for additional distribution.

Yesterday we had a fantastic delivery from the Lakes Entrance Rotary Club. They have delivered a great selection of warm winter clothing for men, women and children. There are also some new workwear clothes in various sizes. On top of that some power tools have also been donated. We also have some awesome dog and cat show bags with toys, food, and other items. Cate has taken a delivery of mature trees the majority of which are natives generously donated by Leree & Arch VanBerkel from their wholesale nursery in Traralgon. 70 trees have been delivered and are first going to residents who have lost their homes and gardens. If any are left in a couple of weeks they will be offered to anyone in town.

Please PM as I’m being asked what everyone needs. There are organisations that are willing to support Mallacoota but they need to know what people need at the moment. I’m not talking about huge things, just things that a small organisation can afford that will help like a wheel barrow, gardening tools, tarps, lights, power boards, etc. Let me know.

Stay safe, look after each other, wear a mask. Disclaimer -


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