Mallacoota Community Update 30/11/2020

posted 11 months ago by Trigger from Mallacoota RSL
This update is over 30 days old.

Hello everyone. I can’t believe that Christmas is less than 4 weeks away. A Covid and Bushfire free rest of the year I’m sure, would be truly appreciated by everyone. It would be great if both tourists and residents alike would be mindful of everything the town has faced this year and keep up with social distancing, hand sanitising, and liberally applying amounts of Christmas cheer.

The industrial lighting organised by Rotary and stored at Dahlsens in Barnesdale (awesome job fella’s) was picked up by yours truly a few days ago and is ready to be collected. Please note that the owners of homes, and local clubs that were destroyed last New Year should have a chance to grab what they need first so please wait a couple of weeks before descending on me en masse.

There are 3 types of lighting available. The attached photos show Jessica modelling them to give you an idea of size. To describe these as industrial is an understatement.

The first is a 100 watt full cutoff floodlight. They are waterproof and need to be wired in. They are ideal for high up outside lighting.

The second are 200 watt sodium arc lights. They weigh about 4 kilos each and can be plugged directly into a 240V socket. They are ideal for high roofed sheds.

The third are 2 x 28 watt directional dual fluro lights. These would be ideal for either garages or high roofed sheds.

We have had a further delivery of excellent handmade quilts that I will deliver to Eillen for distribution. We still have some clothing, four boxes of skim milk, and other odds and ends.

Hats off to Jenny Lloyd for organising the plants for the community. See her post below for details.

We still have a heap of clothing for ladies and children so please feel free to come and sort through them.

Stay safe, and remember to wear a mask in shops.

All opinions above are my own personal views.



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