Mallacoota Community Update 24/12/2020

posted 10 months ago by Trigger from Mallacoota RSL
This update is over 30 days old.

Christmas Eve is here and Mallacoota has the feel of yester-years with the caravan parks filling up and regular holidaymakers returning to the town. Everyone I’ve seen is doing the right thing, social distancing and wearing masks inside shops. The weather has been kind and a direct contrast to last year. Kangaroo apples have exploded around the town and some are now 2 metres tall. Please don’t eat the unripe (green) fruit as they are bitter and TOXIC. There are still plenty of lights for anyone in town who needs them. The fluro ones have gone but the floodlights and shed lights are still available. Please leave it for a few days though as we are hoping for a quiet family only (ie no visitors) Christmas. Eileen Buckland has a couple more boxes of quilts to hand out but the feedback I am getting is that the town is quilted out so unless anyone desperately wants one this will be the last batch. Next year we are getting a few items that will help locals rebuild like a high pressure spray, painting attachments, ladders, as well as some other items like wheelbarrows and gardening tools. If anyone requires something specific please contact me. Mallacoota Recovers has still been operating but thankfully much less than 11 months ago. The main team of Bec Parker, Julie Minehan, and I have slowed down considerably and are looking forward to a much quieter New Year. The Mallacoota Recovers platform was recognised recently by being awarded the 2020 Victorian Community Resilience category at the Resilient Australia Awards as well as being a finalist in the National Awards. A free lunch in Canberra is never to be passed up and the national winner - richly deserved - was the Queensland Centre for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health - Birdie's Tree Universal Resources: Growing together through natural disasters. Just being one of the 35 national finalists from 176 submissions was beyond our wildest dreams. By the way, the lunch was really good! So to everyone on the Mallacoota Community News group and the Mallacoota Recovers site I would personally like to thank you for your patience, support, comments and help over a very difficult year. I wish everyone in Mallacoota including our returning tourists and even the ones who might be visiting for the very first time a fabulous Christmas and New Year - both Covid and bushfire free. To thank everyone would take another post but I would especially like to thank; The Rotary group in Bairnsdale, Givit, Corporate to Community, Channel 9 “The Block”, Variety, Women's Weekly, Mates Rate Freight, Mark Reeves, Eva Grunden, Melina Bath MP , David Caird from the Herald Sun, the ABC (Regional, State and National) and especially my very own family. Without you, Cate, Sarah, Emily and Jessica - I couldn’t have done what I have done this year. Thank you. Trigger PS. All the above comments are my own personal ones.


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