Mallacoota Community Update 31/12/20

posted 10 months ago by Trigger from Mallacoota RSL
This update is over 30 days old.

How different today is to the same time last year. On my bike ride this morning a family of Koalas watched from a tree. Lyrebirds ran along the track in front of me. After the ride sitting at the Bakery with holiday friends having a coffee and chatting almost made me forget what I was doing a year ago. The caravan parks have the feel of summer. THEOS and SUFM are back in strength entertaining the teens and kids, all while social distancing. It’s great to see Mallacoota returning to its old self. Time heals all. This will be my last post for 2020. Rather than reflect on the year I want to thank the locals, semi-locals, tourists and friends for the hundreds of comments and encouragement from my posts throughout the last 12 months. The Mallacoota Recovers team have worked hard all year to try and make everyones lives a little easier. I hope that as Mallacoota continues to recover, it’s renewal will make the town better than ever. Please everyone, when celebrating tonight be considerate. If fireworks and flares are “accidentally” set off make sure they are over the ocean. If a campfire is “accidentally found” on the beach please have a bucket of water handy to put it out when you are passing or leave, and if you find any rubbish please pick it up and put it in the bucket and then the bin. This new year is one to be mindful and thankful, not one where thousands of dollars worth of fines are handed out by police for stupid acts. I have three personal notices for anyone in town who might be interested. If there are any “Hoffers” around (you know who you are), please contact me as I have an ice bath available. If there are any Amateur Radio operators visiting I’d like to meet up as I am the only operator in Mallacoota. Finally, if there are any mountain bikers in town who would like to explore the local tracks I ride most mornings at 7 am for an hour or so and finish for a coffee afterwards. You are welcome to join me. To everyone in Mallacoota and district from the Mallacoota Recovers team I hope you have a great and safe New Years. Let's hope that Baba Vanga (the blind mystic's) prediction that a cure for cancer will be discovered in 2021 comes true.
Trigger 0417 840 692 P.S All comments above are my own personal ones.


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