Mallacoota Community Update 04/01/21

posted 10 months ago by Trigger from Mallacoota RSL
This update is over 30 days old.

The New Year is off to an unfortunate start with the border being locked down yet again. On New Years Eve I went out to the checkpoint at Genoa with a slab of soft drink left over from the fire donations and some freshly baked brownies. Having been in similar situations throughout my career, I knew how unenjoyable spending New Years working on night shift at a remote location can be. It was chaos. The lack of warning meant traffic was backed up to Kiah (almost 40 kilometres). Motorists were waiting over 5 hours and that was at 10pm. Spare a thought for the caravan park at Eden that lost 95% of their customers in a few hours.

Facebook requests from returning Victorians families desperate for accommodation were posted to towns whose holiday accommodation had been booked out months previously. Genoa and roadside stops became parking lots with families fatigued from hours of waiting trying to get what sleep they could in order to continue travelling safely home.

Mallacoota passed into the New Year far better with only a few incidents of fireworks on the beach and one flare launched at Lakeside.

Everyone’s main concern this summer is not bushfires but Covid. With positive cases confirmed in Lakes Entrance that concern is valid. Mallacoota’s caravan parks are packed. Many holiday makers have returned from last year and many I have spoken to have found it more difficult than they imagined with memories from last year. To everyone holidaying here please know that as residents we hope you have a fantastic time and enjoy the beaches and bushland. As a tourist town we depend on you and if a Covid outbreak were to occur and the town to close again then many businesses may not survive the town being shut down for a second year.

So please wear a mask, social distance, and hand sanitise whenever you can. If you get any symptoms, please self isolate and get tasted ASAP. We want to keep everyone safe.

Lastly, this email I received below is worth posting but may act as a trigger (no pun intended) for some. I believe that several photos from Mallacoota will be on display.

The Australian Federal Police Community Liaison Team together with the Australian Islamic Centre, Human Appeal and Blueprint Studios are proud to be launching their 19/20 Black Summer Bushfires photographic exhibition and film.

The Black Summer fires of 19/20 will forever be remembered as a choking inferno that decimated wildlife, homes and lives. Fired Up pays homage to the spirit of our resilient nation and celebrates those times where help appears when you least expect it and from a mate you’ve never met.

We all start as strangers and in uncertain times, kindness connects us all. Please save the date for the twilight premier of our short film Fired Up. Our photographic exhibition will also be on display.

Family friendly event Date: Saturday 30 January, 2021 Address: 23 – 27 Blenheim Road, Newport Vic 3015 Time: 7:00 pm onwards Join us for a family BBQ dinner, photographic exhibition tour and the screening of Fired Up RSVP : Contact Anisa Sharif (0422287800) or Trudi Beattie (0499886076) for more information.

Trigger All the views above are my own personal ones.

P.S The brownies lasted about 2 minutes.


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